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Laboratory, Field Analysis & Equipment

Field Analysis & Equipment

  • Geochemical soil, water and gas sampling

  • Permanent-station gas analysis from fixed (GPS) points for monitoring of fields/UGS

UGC Limited has specialized and has extensive experience in field analysis and data management of:


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For more information about the equipment assist to grow your business or if may you needs of help or guidelines in preference, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit AMS website by select from the following Industry options:

For more questions or ask for a offer, please contact us Email: 

Since AMS Inc., was founded in 1942, the products have been used by individuals, businesses, non-profits, governments and universities throughout the world for a wide variety of sampling purposes.

AMS equipment is primarily used for environmental and geotechnical sampling and monitoring, as well as for remediation activities. They also provide simple solutions for a variety of other fields, including: agriculture, construction, mining, turf, pest control, etc.

AMS, Inc., manufactures hand augers, soil probes, core samplers, sludge and sediment samplers, gas vapor probes and since 1994, AMS PowerProbes direct-push drill rigs. AMS PowerProbes can be mounted on pick-up trucks, tracks, or trailers, and have gained widespread acceptance due to their versatility, relatively low cost, and ease of mobility. They are designed to be used for: soil, soil gas, and groundwater sampling and testing; remediation investigations; geophysical and geotechnical tests; installing monitoring wells; and most models can be fitted with hollowstem augering capability.

Since 2017, UGC Limited is an authorized Balkan regional dealer of AMS USA professional sampling equipment, with the primary focus on the following countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Greece and Turkey





Golf & Turf

Pest Control

  • Gas chromatography (C1-C8; optional up to C40) - Bruker, SCION 456-GC

  • Gas chromatography (CO, CO2, N2, N2OX, H2) - Bruker, SCION 436-GC

  • Porosity & Permeabilities analysis of core samples with Helium-Porosimeter (Vinci Technology)



Laboratory Testing

Field analysis
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