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Drilling & Engineering Solutions

Drilling & Engineering Solutions

  • Geothermal & Waterwell drilling up to four expressible depth range with a different type of drilling rig:

- 0 to 50m - HT20 or FRASTE PL

- 0 to 100m - URB-2A2

- 0 to 500m - URB 600

- 0 to 1000m - F100

  • Geothermal geological survey and drilling & facility design for geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) – Open & Close loops

  • Engineering solutions and geothermal GSHP and building facilities installation

  • Geotechnical drilling for buildings, gas pipelines, landslides, roads, etc.

  • Operational drilling for blasting (seismic acquisition 2D/3D, mining (quarries), noise & vibration measuring, etc)

  • Preliminary geological scouting and geophysical measuring of potential aquifers

  • Preparation of well design and drilling programs

  • Well testing (depth-pump or airlift) and completion (work-over operations)

  • Preparation of drilling & geological reports

  • Water well legalization under regulations and applicable law

  • Repairs and utilization of the existing water wells

  • Loading & blasting for mining (quarries), seismic acquisitions 2D/3D, noise & vibration measuring (seismic & structural monitoring), etc

  • Blast design and modelling, performing experimental blasting and industrial operations (using SHOTPlus™ software)


Ensuring the health and safety of our people and the communities in which we operate is on the high priority. Our aim is to maintain our perfect safety record, which is on result of the application of golden rules in the HSE and PPE standarts








Since 2014, UGC Limited has a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with the Bulgarian licensed company EcoBlast Engineering Limited, specialized in design & industrial blasting. The company is certified to carry out all types of design and explosive activities on the territory of Bulgaria and has available highly qualified personnel to work in different areas of the globe

Shallow Drilling
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